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Aspire, Achieve, Thrive

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Aspire, Achieve, Thrive


Our vision at Colham Manor is to inspire children to achieve more than they ever believed possible.

We want every member of our school community to be both supported and challenged to be the very best they can be. Through high-quality teaching and learning experiences and a purpose built curriculum, we look to educate the whole child so that they are able to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Colham Manor is a unique school where we truly believe that there are no barriers to success; just hurdles that can be navigated with the right support, drive and determination.


We believe that team work, collaboration and community spirit are vital ingredients to any success. We believe strongly in the team around each individual child; with parents, the school and other organisations all working together.


Equality is core to our school's ethos and values.


Our school values call for everyone in our community to be:








We REACH for the stars!