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School Readiness

Parents Guide to School Readiness


'Am I ready for school?'


When your child starts school there are a number of skills that they should ideally have mastered. Please use this part of our website as a guide to help track their progress and best prepare your child(ren) for school. 



I can ask for help when I don't feel well

I can wipe my nose

I know when to wash my hands


Speaking and Literacy

I am interested in a wide range of stories and enjoy looking through picture books

I am able to talk about myself, others and my feelings

I am practising recognising my name when it's written down


Getting dressed and undressed on my own

I can button and unbutton my clothes

I can put on my coat independently

I can put my shoes & socks on independently


Interest in the World & new activities

I enjoy learning about the world around me

I am interested in exploring new activities and environments

I like asking questions



I can use a knife and fork

I can open my packed lunch on my own

I am confident at opening packets and wrappers


Writing skills

I like tracing patterns and colouring in

I enjoy experimenting with mark making

I am practising holding my pencil


Going to the toilet

I am wearing pants

I can go to the toilet on my own, wipe myself properly and use the flush

I can wash and dry my hands



I am happy to be away from my Mum, Dad or main carer

I am happy to find and tidy my belongings 

I can look after my belongings 

I am feeling confident and excited about starting school


Listening & Understanding

I am able to sit still and listen for a short while

I can follow instructions

I understand that I need to follow the rules

I can respond when my name is called


Sharing and Turn-taking

I can share toys and take turns

I can play with and alongside others

I can interact with other children


Counting skills

I enjoy practising counting objects

I like saying and singing number rhymes & playing counting games

I can recognise some numbers up to 10



I have practised putting on my uniform & getting ready for school

I have a good bedtime routine so I am not feeling tired for school


We hope this will help, please see below for the things your child(ren) will need to bring to school. Please refer to the Early Years Prospectus or the Uniform section on our website for guidance on uniform. The link below will take you to where you can purchase our uniform.