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The Curriculum at Colham Manor




Our Curriculum Intent



At Colham Manor, we believe that innovation and inspiration are central to classroom practice. When pupils are engaged and inspired by exciting learning opportunities, learning is deep and motivation is high. We have designed our curriculum with pupils’ learning at the centre. Our curriculum is devoted to providing pupils with a broad, balanced and deep level of learning.  We are focussed upon developing fully rounded individuals, fuelling pupils' creativity and growing future adults who are able to succeed in this fast-changing, inter-dependent world. 


Our school values the input of its pupils, parents and the local community with regards to the planning and delivery of the curriculum. We believe pupils get a well-rounded education if everyone is involved in shaping it. 


We develop a culture where opportunities and experiences, through both the core and extended curriculums, are designed to enable pupils to experience success and develop their characters. 



**This page is regularly updated as we grow and develop our curriculum**




For further information on our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, please click our EYFS link below. 


For further information on our whole school curriculum, please click on the relevant subject icons below.