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Rock Steady

Here at Colham Manor we promote a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that grows the whole child.


We are proud to offer music lessons through the amazing Rock Steady company.  Find out about them below and if you would like to sign up your child go to



Learn to play in a band

  • Learning an instrument should be fun. Your child can choose from the electric guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals and enjoy playing in a happy, supportive environment with their friends.

From first notes to favourite songs

  • The Rocksteady Primary Programme is for all children aged 4-11 and is proven to progress musicianship, confidence and teamwork skills with no prior experience necessary.

Lead by real musicians

  • Your child’s music teacher should also be their role model. Which is why all Rocksteady Band Leaders are carefully chosen, extensively trained musicians who know how to inspire a life-long love of playing music.

With regular live performances

  • Playing on stage is a huge confidence booster. With termly concerts at school assemblies, your child will be able to show off their progress to friends, teachers and parents with the rest of their band.

In school time

  • Lessons are 30 minutes long and take place in school time with all instruments provided, making it hassle-free for parents.

And happily affordable

  • Priced at just £31.25 per month, Rocksteady is one of the most hassle-free ways to learn an instrument on a rolling subscription that you can cancel at any time. It’s risk free too – cancel in the first month and you’ll get a full refund.




  • Lessons and concerts help children achieve together, boosting everyone’s confidence. Knowing they have the support of their bandmates gives children a safe place to try new things.


  • Playing an instrument is proven to reduce anxiety and promote emotional wellbeing, which improves overall happiness inside and outside school.


  • As a band, children work together to overcome challenges, problem solve and set their own goals. Creating positive learning behaviours to help them progress at school.


  • Learning to play an instrument improves children’s memory , numeracy and literacy, boosting their achievement at school and supporting a lifelong love of learning.


  • Learning an instrument develops the part of the brain that deals with behaviour regulation and motor skills, improving children’s focus and progress in class.


  • Playing in a band is a great leveller. Everybody starts at the same point regardless of ability, which can have a huge impact on children with special educational needs or those with English as an additional language.