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SEND Advisory

SEND Advisory Service (SAS) provide non-statutory funding (where applicable), and offer training for professionals and parents/carers. They provide whole school/setting development through the SEND Review and Inclusion Commitment.


SEND Advisory Service (SAS) also accepts referrals from professionals to support children and young people with SEND in school. This is done through a referral process with parental consent and discussions with the SENDco. 


The SEND Advisory Service includes the following teams:  


  • early years advisory team, which is made up of a principal SEND advisor , early years autism advisors, and early years SEND advisors   
  • schools advisory team, which is made up of a principal SEND advisor, ASD advisors , an educational psychologist, and a language advisor   
  • multi-sensory advisory team, which is made up of hearing impairment specialist teachers / support practitioners, visual impairment specialist teachers / support practitioners, and a multi-sensory impairment specialist teacher
  • SEND keyworker team, which is made up of SEND keyworkers and senior SEND keyworkers .