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We Aspire: Curriculum intent


At Colham Manor Primary School, we have designed an interdisciplinary ’Learning Means the World’ curriculum which focuses on world issues and is centred around the four Cs of Communication, Conflict, Conservation and Culture. It places pupils’ learning at its heart. We recognise that a curriculum has to be broad, balanced and we offer pupils opportunities to develop as resilient, versatile individuals as well as learners. Our school values the input of its pupils, parents and the local community with regards to the planning and delivery of the curriculum. We believe positive change towards sustained, well-rounded education occurs if everyone is involved in shaping it.


We aim to ensure pupils enjoy learning and feel prepared for life after school. We also intend to offer our pupils new and exciting essential learning experiences through educational trips, visits and activities that are designed to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem. Our curriculum will be delivered in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, ensuring the curriculum is accessible for all.